Big & Rich at Country Thunder

Sorry I haven’t kept up with my blog… FYI this blog would be longer, but for some reason my computer likes to freeze on me, and this will be my second time rewriting my thoughts.

Anyways, I was at Country Thunder this past weekend. If you don’t know what it is: Country Thunder is a huge country music festival that’s full of camping, short shorts and a lot of booze. That’s basically what it is in a nutshell. If you want a culture shock, go to thunder. It’s a really good time, and you meet a ton of cool people.


My goal this year at thunder was to not go for pleasure, but for business. I went to write reviews about the artists. Now, I want to get into the music industry, and yes, what I might say might be held against me in the near future. But, this isn’t personal opinion, this is my objective view of music and the performance. With that being said here’s what I think about Big & Rich’s performance and artist stand point.


To be completely honest, I like listening to B&R’s music. According to their website, “… their mixing of traditional country sounds with hip-hop, rock, and the occasional Native American yell…is their style” ( 2012). As a musician and a music critic, I love listening to something new and interesting which is why I enjoyed listening to them. I’m not going to sit here and say I’m a huge fan, but I like their music.

Before Country Thunder, I’ve never seen them in concert before. So I was pretty excited for this party…unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I was late for their concert, and I really wanted to see them. Until I heard they were out of tune, they weren’t in time… everything was just off. I was so disappointed, that I left the concert early. It takes a lot for me to leave a concert, but I’m sorry I just wasn’t impressed with their performance the night of Country Thunder.

I hope for the best for Big& Rich. Yes, they are a headlining band, but if they want to be bigger, they need to put on a better performance.



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