Luke Bryan and Jason Aldean: Country Thunder Day 2

Like I said in my last blog, I need to do a lot of reviews that I need to catch up on from Thunder. Lately, I’ve just been so distracted… oh wait that’s all the time.

Day 2 of Thunder was interesting to say the least, I saw cowboy sandals. For your information, if you wear them while I’m in your 5 foot bubble , I will not talk to you while you are in them.  You either wear flip flops or you wear cowboy boots, PICK ONE!

These things are ugly…

Again, I only made it to two concerts on the second day of thunder. I also saw both of these acts before. I saw Luke Bryan last year at Thunder and I saw Jason Aldean at Summerfest last year ( I wasn’t working Summerfest last year). So both concerts, I went to, and I enjoyed myself. I think both are very talented artists, but here is what I thought about Bryan and Aldean at Thunder this year.

Last year, Luke Bryan was just making it pretty big in the country scene. I gave him the benefit of the doubt of playing a lot of cover songs. This year, he did it again. According to the CMT website, he has 7 albums. SEVEN ! When you have been around for more than 6 years and you have that many albums, there isn’t  any excuse to play a half hour worth of cover songs. Luke Bryan has no excuse when there are plenty of songs for him to play of his own record.

However, I will give it to him, he is an excellent performer/entertainer. He gets the crowd going and keeps them going… well he kept me going because he started playing the piano during his concert ( I’m a huge sucker for a guy that can play piano). He is a very talented musician, I just wish he would show that off more in his concert by playing more of his songs.

Last year, Jason Aldean played for an hour at Summerfest. AN HOUR! Aldean has 4 albums out, as of 2012. Now, does that mean he played cover songs. No. But all he did, was play his hit singles. If you listen to his albums, he has some awesome songs off his records that didn’t make as hit singles such as   ” I ain’t ready to quit”. At Thunder, he didn’t play very long again ( maybe over an hour, not quite sure but it wasn’t long). He again, only played his singles. Aldean is good enough to play more songs than that. To me, that is such a let down, because he is so talented, I want to hear more of his music.

This song by Bryan is near and dear to my heart:

I just like this song, this is a crowd pleaser!

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