Hunter Hayes, Neal McCoy, Brantley Gilbert and Toby Keith: Country Thunder Day 4

The last day of anything is always bitter sweet. You want something to be over, but once it’s over, it’s almost as if you never had it before. For example, I love my experience in Australia. But the last week of finals, I was extremely homesick. And all I wanted to do was go home. But as soon as I stepped on the airplane, I balled my eyes out because I never wanted to leave in the first  place. Literally, I was on the plane just crying and crying. I didn’t stop until about three hours until I reached the airport in LA. I cried more about leaving Australia then I ever did for a guy. Seriously, that is how much I miss that place every day.

Now I wouldn’t say that was my reaction to Country Thunder this year, because let’s face it, if I’m in the state, let alone the country, I will probably go to Country Thunder next year. End of story. However, whenever I’m having a good time, I never want it to end.  My last day was to accomplish as many things as possible since I wasn’t successful the first couple of days but, I failed again. I somewhat know one of the bands because I worked with them at Summerfest, so I helped them out instead. But here are my reviews from Country Thunder day 4.

Hunter Hayes: He is very young, which is not an excuse for any musician but I think as time goes on he will get better. He played at Summerfest, and I didn’t see his concert then, but I did see his crowd. It was sure packed, and of course he is the Justin Bieber heartthrob of country music, so go figure it was a packed crowd. From what I saw, he put on a good show. Nothing special, nothing bad just a good show.

Neal McCoy: I actually ran into him backstage… and I didn’t realize it was him! Big Oops… I didn’t say anything bad, but I was talking to him like I would any other person. After he went on stage, I was pretty distracted by everything else… go figure. But from what I heard, he played a lot of cover songs. Nothing against cover songs, they get the crowd going. But over half of his concert was cover songs, I personally think for as long as he has been around, he should play more of his songs.

Brantley Gilbert: He started making it big about 5  years ago, and boy has he made it bigger than ever. Yes I’m a fan of his , but I still have to make my reviews. Which is this, he puts on the good show, the crowd loves him, a lot of people like his music. He is early in his career where he can do a couple of cover songsbut at the same time play a lot of his songs off his albums. Because he is so well liked and people want to see him play, I just wish he would play longer. He has two albums out and I feel like an hour isn’t enough time to play for him because he actually plays his own music. He writes his own music which is why I’m a fan, it’s not just music, it’s his life story.

Toby Keith: I’ve never seen Toby Keith in concert. I’ve always wanted to, I made it a priority to go to Country Thunder to watch him play. Well he didn’t let me down that’s for sure when it comes to the show. He had lights, pyro, he had the works to put on the show. Of course he has the money to put on a show like that, but, he does it because he knows it will put on a good show ( correction, his tour manager and manager probably decided the show details. Besides the point, whoever thought of it, was awesome, it gets the crowd pumped). Again, my biggest compliant is that he is extremely famous, talented, the works, he should play songs that people never hear besides ” red solo cup” . ( Rumor has it that he was a little intoxicated his show, but I didn’t notice). Yes, hits are important to the success of  any musician , but that’s not what makes the story behind the musician, it’s the songs that nobody every listens to.

So there you have it, that’s what I thought about Country Thunder this year . Yes, I like country music, but music doesn’t discriminate, I love all types of music. So if you ever want to go to a concert with me, let’s go, I’m always up for an adventure!

Brantley Gilbert: My kind of Crazy

I love this song to death, because I hope one day, not today, but someday I’ll be someone’s kinda crazy.

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