“Sing little darlin’ sing with me” First Aid Kit

Alrighty, so I think I’m back on track with my blogs, but knowing me, I’ll lose track again or something will come up in my life. Anyways, a long time ago ( 5 months ago), I had a radio show called ” TheinRadio” … I know, original right? My idea behind this radio show was to create a show that was full of entertainment and education. As much as I love listening to the radio, the industry is required to play certain songs during certain times during the day. Which I understand it’s a business, but my show was to break the idea of “normal” radio. My show was based around not playing single hits. I’m a firm believer that every artist puts songs on their albums for a reason, and they should all be heard. That’s what I was trying to do with my show, was to educate people that music is more than the single  or hits. My show didn’t necessarily turn out that way, because I had people give me request and they would be the “hits”. But let’s face it, I was extremely busy and I didn’t have a lot of time to put some of my shows together. But my shows were always based around playing songs that most people have never heard before. Along with not playing singles, I wanted to hit every genre of music, and that didn’t work out either. I didn’t get to jazz or classical music… oops. My main reason for not playing those genres,  because people wouldn’t listen to my show, and I wanted people to listen.

So I wasn’t giving music theory lessons or teaching history of music, but I wanted to give people a different perspective of music like many people have given me a different perspectives of my life.Enough babbling, my friends from around the world have truly inspired me in many different ways. Which is why I had two shows based around ” international music”. Now a lot of this music may/ could be  mainstream but who would know, because they don’t play their kind of music here.One of my American friends actually told me about this band, and I’ve been hooked ever since. As far as I’m concerned, the First Aid Kit is not “mainstream” here in America, but I’m sure they are picking up speed with fans here for many reasons.

First Aid Kit was a featured band for Vogue Magazine in 2011. According to Vogue, ” Filled with wistful acoustic ballads, it paints a picture of laid-back pastoral whimsy and has the two most important hallmarks of any jaunt into seventies-inspired folk: nimble finger-picking and watertight harmonies. Not to mention the kind of delivery that gives every lyric a Southern twang and trademark Joan Baez–vocal quiver.”  I copied and pasted this comment because this is their music in a nutshell. It’s folky-country with a dark side. Their music is very laid back, not very upbeat, but their musical melodies and their lyrics correspond so well together, in a weird way, it makes sense. It’s the Beatles meet Grateful Dead. Maybe I’m wrong, but it’s a different style, different melody, different musical taste, that I’ve come to love very much.

First Aid Kit is a sister duo from Sweden I think will be the next Mumford and Sons. And while I don’t know much about this band, any time I get the chance to, I tell everyone about this band. It’s something that I think a lot of people can listen to, not based on genre of music, but for the love of music.

This is one of their main hits and I actually did play this song on my radio show. But who wouldn’t like this song? I hope you do!

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