The one and only: Michael Phelps

It’s no surprise that everyone dreams of being an Olympian when they are younger, well let’s face it, I did. I wanted to be part of the ” fab 5″ and be apart of the gymnastics team. That’s great and all.. but I quit gymnastics when I was … six. So I knew my dream was crushed because  of that and they got rid of softball and I’m not good enough to compete in any other sport. But what amazes me the most, how some Olympians win ohhh I don’t know 22 medals and become the most decorative Olympian ever. Holy cow!

Michael Phelps is now known as one of the greatest Olympians alive, and he has every right to be and he always has a ton of bragging rights as well. However, the media likes oh I don’t know, make someone look really bad. Take for example I found online:

“In November 2004, at the age of 19, Phelps was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol in Salisbury, Maryland.[198] He pleaded guilty to driving while impaired the following month and was granted probation before judgment and ordered to serve 18 months’ probation, fined $250, obligated to speak to high school students about drinking and driving and had to attend a Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) meeting.[199] Questioned about the incident later that month by Matt Lauer on the Today Show, Phelps said it was an “isolated incident” and that he had “definitely let myself down and my family down … I think I let a lot of people in the country down.”[7]

In February 2009, publication of a photograph of Phelps using a water pipe, a device used for smoking tobacco or marijuana, resulted in the loss of Kellogg as a sponsor, as well as a three-month suspension from USA Swimming. Phelps admitted that the photo, taken at a student party at the University of South Carolina, was authentic. Phelps publicly apologized and said his behavior was “inappropriate” ”

Yes, to say the least he made some mistakes, but at the same time, do we have to hold everyone to a perfect standard? Sure, he should be a role model and maybe should be more careful, I’m not disagree or agreeing with this actions, but give the guy a break, he won 22 Olympian MEDALS! … you try doing that

So if there is one thing I will say: my hat goes off to you MP, you did an amazing job representing our country and you worked your butt off, and you got to where you want to be.  That’s something everyone should work towards: being the best.

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