“If I wasn’t by your side, I would never be satisfied” Miranda Lambert

It gets really annoying when you are told constantly by many people, ” Are you so and so’s sister?” ” Do you have a cousin name… you look just like them?” ” Are you related to …?” It gets freakishly annoying because let’s face it, I get those comments at least once a day…. Greattttt. But the one person that I’m told I look like that I never get tired of hearing I look like her: Miranda Lambert.

Miranda Lambert is one of my idols for many reasons:

1. She’s hardcore, let’s face it, she’s more manly than I am in many ways ( and if you know me, I love my trucks and my fishing). She will kick your butt any day if you get in her way.

2. She knew she was different from the start and she continued down that road, when many people would have been afraid of something different in life.

3. When she was picked up by Sony, she said she wanted to write her own songs, and even though it was a big risk, it was one of the best she ever took.

Miranda grew up in Texas, where she would play in small pubs and concerts. Obviously no one really cared about a blonde hair girl singing country because let’s face it, everyone and their grandma was doing in the same thing. However, she was lucky enough to get in a singing competition where she was recognized for her talent and eventually picked up by Sony.

Now, most people think, ” Really, another country artist”. But she is different, from many of the other female artists. For example, she was critized by PETA for hunting, however, she is one of the biggest animal lovers you will ever meet ( I’ve never met her, I just did my reasearch). Now most people would say that is hypocritical, and maybe it is in some ways. But according to Lambert, ” she likes to hunt”. And there are a lot of people out there that hunt and have animals… just look at all the people in Wisconsin. So she sticks to her beliefs and goes with it, no matter what anyone says.

I think one reason why I love her music so much because it is no where close to being “pop country”. If you listen to her songs like “Airstream”, it’s very twangy and almost sounds like older Dolly Parton songs. It’s a good mixture between Brantley Gilbert rock/country and her husband Blake Shelton Twang with a twist of feminine Faith Hill touch to it. She’s a good mixture of what female country artists are/should be about. Most importantly, her music is all about her life , her experiences, her dreams, her thoughts and they all come from her.

In this day in age for a woman, being in the spotlight or just a regular girl like me, it’s very easy to change to society norms and make it so it’s easy on everyone. Because know offense to the men out there, but they are still afraid of strong, powerful women that can stand their own ground. In a way, I’m like Lambert. I stick to my thoughts  and my beliefs, and I also stick to being myself and never changing for anyone.

Lately, I’ve been obessed with this song. Making Plans- by Miranda Lambert

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