Don’t think twice much?

If you read my blog, you know I write about music and sports… well mostly music, but sports as well. I think this is the perfect time to write about all the controversies that are going on in sports. Seriously… No seriously. What the heck are up with these athletes today? I guess 10 million  a year isn’t good enough anymore.

First off, I’ll be the first to admit, I don’t care for drama in any aspects of my life. So if a nobody likes me doesn’t care for drama, why would a football player that is going to be first round draft pick bring up some drama being catfish. You know who I’m talking about, Manti Te’O from Notre Dame.

Personal, I don’t want to know whether or not it is real or not, regardless, he should have kept it to himself. Seriously, why would he go to his coaches or to anyone at ND. WHY!? Even if it is fake or not, he just made himself look really, really pathetic. Instead of him being the first round draft pick, now he’s… that guy.Plus, everyone knows him at Notre Dame, couldn’t he get a “real” girlfriend, I’m sure they are hanging around his ankles.

And speaking of those guys… Lance Armstrong. I will admit, I seriously really believed in the “Live Strong”  foundation that he had, because I thought it was for the greater good of people… yeah not so much. Especially after the way he treated people in the past accusing him of doping, and now he admits to doping… that’s a jerk move dude. Two words: low blow.Seriously Lance, you not only ruined your chances of going to the Olympics EVER again, but you lost of close friends and family. Not cool.

My point is this: people make mistakes, once you understand what you did, fix it and don’t do it again. And if you do it again, screw up even bigger and better. But once you are a celebrity or a professional athlete, once you screw up in your personal life that messes up your career,  it makes  you look like you took everything for granted.

Long story short, if you have something going great for you, especially if you will be making millions of dollars one day or already do, don’t screw it up.

What to believe?

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