Entertainer or Artist?

It’s about time I write this blog about this topic. I studied music in school and of course we didn’t learn about pop culture of music like Jay-Z or Hunter Hayes. We were taught about the master minds back in the day of Mozart and Stravinsky. The guys that created music as  we know it today. The guys who are true musicians and were totally into it. They played for the audience but mostly for themselves. They weren’t into fame and all that, they just had talent and played music for pure enjoyment… and to put food on the table but you get my point. And they were extremely talented, let me say that again EXTREMELY talented people. If I could go back in time and meet someone that died, it would be Mozart, he was so good and probably one of the best pianist that ever lived. You think I’m kidding, I listen to his classical works just because.

Why I am I writing about this. One simple concept: Society  really doesn’t understand what is pure talent and what is entertainment. We had this discussion for a whole class in music history. Basically, what is “art of music” what is “music is art” type of dilemma. And bottom line is it is all objective. Apparently everyone is a genius and can tell you what is real music is. Let’s put it this way, if you are going to sit here and tell me Justin Beiber is an artist, I’ll probably laugh at you and then give you a swirly. I’m not saying I’m the most amazing expert at music, I have a long way to go on that. But I am saying, there is a fine line between entertainer and artist, and people believe that if you are on the radio, you’re an artist: not true. Believe me when I say this, there are still amazing musicians out there that nobody knows about because people like to see entertainers because they are more enjoyable to watch. In these next couple of paragraphs, I’ll explain who I think is an entertainer, an artist and who  are entertainers and artist.

Entertainers: Entertainers are people who entertain….Well duh. What I mean by this, from a musician stand point, people go up on stage and want to sell tickets and put that “show” on. Yes, every musician wants to sell the stands out, but these people I’m talking care about their show not necessarily their music. Now I’m saying entertainers aren’t talented in someway, they obviously are because they have a fat bank account. But again, these people will go above a beyond to make sure their audience loves their show.

Beyonce: I actually like Beyonce. I think she has an incredible voice, but her music… doesn’t represent her talent. She is someone that cares more about her show. And for all you people who think I’m hating on Beyonce I’m not. I’ll give you an example. At every Super Bowl, the half time performance is given I believe 600,000 dollars for the production of their show. This year, Beyonce went over budget  and spent around 1.6 million dollars to make sure her show was spectacular. And guess what, it was. But she went over and beyond to make sure that audience had a damn good time watching her make those funny faces. She is a classic definition of an entertainer. When you see her on stage, she puts on show. If you don’t believe me, just watch one of her music videos.

Justin Beiber: I get it, he can play guitar and sing. But do you really think a 16-year-old ( at the time) really knows what its like to be in love? I mean seriously, I don’t understand the big deal about this kid, but what I do know is he is doing something right. That kid has more money that any 20-year-old or however old is he. And he basically does what every pop artist does, prances on stage and makes the girls scream.

Kesha: Good Lord.

Now again, music is objective. But like I said there is a fine line between entertainer and artist.


I don’t think anyone will disagree with me when I say Johnny Cash and Eric Clapton  are true artist.

Johnny Cash: We all know his songs ” Ring of Fire” “Jackson” ” A Boy Named Sue” and I could go on and on. He started writing music due to family troubles and helped him express his religious beliefs through music. And let’s face it, his songs were relatable and people could easily connect to him. At first, he wasn’t excepted by the general public due to his “sound” and his “crossing the line” lyrics that record labels didn’t think people would like. Now, he is a legend. He mixed country, rock, blues and gospel all into one song. That is talent people, only a true artist can do that. Not saying he didn’t sell out arenas full of people, but he played his music his way, like any true artist would.

Eric Clapton: Amazing guitarist. Enough said.

Some people are lucky and can do both.

Artist and Entertainer: 

Mumford and Sons: Clearly, clearly , clearly people see that these guys kill it. They are so fricken talented its not even funny. I have not see them in concert, but before I die, I need to. These guys obviously know how to put on a good show and play good music ( I’ve watched enough music videos on YouTube to know). They sell out in venues all over the world and yet, they still keep their style and their sound ( which I love). Not to mention, all of them play multiple instruments really, really well.  Rock on guys!

My point on this blog, it’s not bad thing to be an entertainer. Obviously, people make millions doing it. But the difference between artist and entertainers, artists tend to be viewed in peoples’ eyes as legendary as something they will never forget.

Mumford and Sons- Where Are You Now

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