Local Natives and Grizzly Bear

I have to admit, I love going to concerts, especially when I don’t know what to expect.

Let’s put it this way, if you want to see good shows, go see Local Natives or Grizzly Bear. They.Are.Awesome!

Local Natives- I’ve listen to them before, but when a friend invited me to go see them ,I was like yeah I’ll go see them, Not YEAH I’LL GO SEE THEM! … You get what I’m saying. I went to the concert knowing that I was going to enjoy the concert because let’s face it, their fan base is pretty hard core,and I knew I was in for it. As they started playing, everyone was totally into it. I wouldn’t say their music is dancing music, but pretty much everyone is jamming like you would be at the Imagine Dragons concert. They have such interesting melodies and rhythms, how can you not sway along. The indie music vibe is a good way to describe them, with bizarre harmonies makes their music interesting to listen to. Go see them, they are great live!

Grizzly Bear- I was originally suppose to work their concert  through the radio station I work for. But it turned out I didn’t have to and I went to the concert instead. First off, Owen Palette, the opening act for Grizzly Bear was awesome! Secondly, the concert was not only awing but the stage manager or whoever thought of the light background is a genius. The way the lights moved to the beat was AMAZING! Perfect way to depict the flow of the music. If you like rock music with an electronic and original twist, you won’t regret going to this show.

Guy Shy- Grizzly Bear

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