Follow Your Arrow

Thank god it’s summer. Which means there is a lot of country music in the air. With that being said: I’m hooked on Kacey Musgraves.

A Texas girl with a love of writing, this girl is extremely talented when putting words together. And through her website, I found out she actually does write her own songs. And the best part is, it’s catchy and musical. Which is awesome because I enjoy listening to catchy, awesome music… as long as it’s done well and I must say, it is.

I worked the Live Nation tour a couple of months ago. She was the opener for the opener. I think she played at 5pm. And no one showed up. Which really sucks because after listening to her album, I think this girl will make it really far.

She’s got the old country twang in her modern country ballads. And I love it, because it’s grounded country. She has her own voice and with that being said : I think you should listen to her album.


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