Hang Loose

It’s summer time, which means there is a lot of great music that is out there .

Summer definately has it perks, however, I just don’t have enough time to see all the awesomeness ( is that a word?) out there.

With that being said, good summer music to listen to is Alabama Shakes.


These guys are awesome in the sense of one reason: they came together in their high school years, took each of their own

” sound” of music and created into something that people actually like but most importantly what they like. While they all have their own individual uniqueness to them, they collarborate in a way that makes sense.

The Shakes are a rock band from Alabama, so they obviously have a little twang in them. But whether you are a classic rock , rock or even a little country person, I think these guys provide enough variation in their music so everyone can enjoy them.

Fun fact: I don’t know if this is still true, but at one point, this was. Alabama Shakes didn’t have a tour manager. Right, look how big they are now!


This song I don’t think is on the radio, but it’s in enough movies that you’ll recognize it.

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