Wishing Well

Since this is a music/sports blog,I thought I would share a little subjective insight that I think others can relate to.

I promise I’m getting somewhere with this, just hang with me.


I knew when I was little ,my family and I have a gift for music. It comes naturally in all of us. My dad was so good at playing, he had plans to attend Julliard on a full ride. My dad is really, really good… I’m not kidding.My mom is also very talented but she worked for a record label out in New York. She worked in the business end of things. My uncle played on SNL in the band, I think you are starting to get the picture. Music runs in my blood.


I remember when I was little, my two favorite classes were gym and music class. Go figure. But I was afraid to admit music was my favorite class because I didn’t want the other kids to make fun of me.


Naturally, I grew up, I embraced who I was as a person ( a nerd… still am). And people in high school and a little bit through college made fun of me because I was the “band” geek, that kid that was involved in everything.

And I have to say I haven’t changed since I was little. I’ve always known what I want and I’m proud of what I can accomplish. And most importantly I don’t change because it’s not a “cool thing” to do.


So here is what I have to say to the little kids that have big dreams. If you like playing an instrument , kicking a soccer ball, whatever the case may be, be you. Because those musicians that you look up didn’t get there because someone told them not to.


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