Keeping An Open Mind

So just like everything you need to keep an open mind… especially when it comes to music.

I heard all about the band Hunx and his Punx. I didn’t know what to expect seeing them in show, all  I knew is they had good music ( Ramones style) so I thought I would go to their show. They had two other openers, Pow Wow and Hunters.

Pow Wow had a sound that I’ve heard before, that garage band type of sound  . That doesn’t mean they were bad but I think they need to work our developing their own “voice” when it comes to their music. Hunters were very good. I was pretty surprised  when they played so well. Kudos to their guitar player because he can wale. The lead singer was very good too ;if you have ever seen the band               ” Kitten” you know what I mean.

Hunx and his Punx came on and I was totally afraid I was going to get stuck in mosh pit. But once I realized how awesome they sounded live, I just joined in.

The lead singer was so out there that him alone would have been awesome if he just stood up there on stage. If you want to check something out that is “totally different” go see Hunx and his Punx. It brings music to a different level and I hope more people appreciate it.

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