What Happened to Originality?

Here’s the reason why I never made it as a musician.

… Well there are many reasons why but the main one is I could never develop a original sound.

For me that’s extremely important… besides writing your own music.

I feel that developing as an artist is like developing your own identity. It allows you to express yourself  in a way that no one else can. And if you can’t do it, then you are just stealing someone else’s sound.

Not to say that there shouldn’t be cover bands, there should be. You know, for bars and such. They are great crowd pleasers. Not to say some are talented, but with enough practice and determination, just about anyone can play a guitar.

However, I understand that when bands are trying to make it, you have to play covers. But at least make it your own. Prime example of this: Capital Cities, Staying Alive.


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