Riot Fest : Chicago

Alright, so besides the fact I had an awesome time in Chicago, I’ll have you know… I took a picture of the city skyline and I put a caption ” Having a drink at the Sears Tower” … yeah I was at the John Hancock building.

… we all have our blonde moments right?


So despite the fact that I don’t know downtown Chicago for anything, I went down to the Windy city for two purposes: to see my friends and to go to Riot Fest.

Riot Fest to say the least definitely had it’s up and downs.

The one thing they did right was their line up: thumbs up Riot Fest, you guys killed it.

However, there are several things I would fix: sound was one of them. When you are playing in an outdoor venue, sound has to carry. It didn’t carry…at.all.

Also, whoever was doing the video for the big screens, I was not impressed. I don’t know maybe it was the “look” they were going for, but I don’t care if Yellowcard says ” let’s make a crowd circle” .I don’t want to see a bunch of yahoos running around in circles. I want to see the band.

Overall, would I go back. Maybe, but if I’m going to spend that kind of money, I’m going to La La instead.


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