Austin City Limits: Moody Theater

So I was just down in Texas for work.

First off, I have an awesome job. I get to travel and meet a bunch of people. Plus, my coworkers are amazing people.

Anyways, the first night we got there, we rented out ACL Moody Theater for our reception. If you don’t know what Moody Theater is ( so help me if you don’t), it’s one of the most famous theater where they record live music shows. Recently they just moved the theater right to downtown area where we were staying.

That’s besides the point, it was amazing. There were pictures everywhere of people that performed there and the theater itself was just breathtaking. That’s not even the best part. ACL the festival unfortunately was rained out, but the headliner for Sunday ,Atoms for Peace, played at Moody Theater that night. We were able to see a headlining act of ACL the festival! It was amazing and they played an amazing show!!

Long story short: Austin is awesome!

IMG_1987 IMG_1941

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