“It’s been said that time heals woes”

My worse enemy right now is time. Anytime I want to get anything done: time. Anytime I need more of something:time.

However, according to You Me at Six , time heals woes. Meaning that eventually time will be the ending factor to whatever your problem is.

*I’m calling myself on this, I thought the lyrics were “wounds” not woes…*… stupid.

But if you let time pass, is it true that you can get over something? Or do you learn to get over something? What does time actually do for you? I personally feel that over time, things start to linger off. And eventually you forget about it. That’s really a scary thought considering all the amazing and crappy things that happen  in life.

I just started listening to You Me at Six, I really dig them. They remind me of a “hard” alternative edge to their music. I really dig it. You should check them out.

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