Travel and Music

So I was very adventurous this past week.
I traveled from Denver to Nashville to Chicago to Milwaukee.
…I was everywhere in the middle of the country; it was pretty awesome let me tell you!

I didn’t really go see many shows in Nashville.
I went to go see my friend’s band play and he is amazing on the drums.I already knew that, I met him while he was on tour.
He’s also an awesome singer!  I was pretty impressed!
I met Timothy Chance band in Milwaukee and I went to see them in Nashville.What I liked most about them, is YCR Records is all about finding good music, not sticking to a genre of music like “normal” record labels.And I couldn’t agree more!

In Chicago, I went to go see Cobalt and the Hired Guns.
I knew nothing about this band… and they totally killed it!
They are a jam band from Chicago; they had everything from a cello to a slide guitar.There must have been 10 different band members, and they all kicked butt!If you get to see them, do it!

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