The Silver Lining In Being Lost

So true, so very,very true!

Thought Catalog

Sometimes, I am taken aback by the abruptness and deliberateness with which I can suddenly go from having a firm grasp on what and where my place is in this world, to feeling so utterly and completely lost that I wake up dizzy in the middle of the night, feeling in the dark for a lamp on the windowsill behind me only to realize that this is not home, and that this might never be home. They say that moored boats can never explore, and I try to remind myself that cutting ties is supposed to free me up for bigger and better things, but lately the freedom doesn’t feel as liberating as I had hoped.

Despite the anxiety I’m beginning to feel towards my unanchored lifestyle, and for all my talk of wishing to grow roots in a city to call mine, I’ve begun to adore the way it feels when…

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