Ways to Find New Music

One of the things people ask me about music : I want to listen to a new band I’ve never heard of before, what’s a good way to find a band?

10 years ago, that would have been a little harder. Well it’s 2014, and here are a couple of ways to find good bands:

YouTube and Spotify make a huge difference when it comes to free streaming of music. It allows you to find “related artists” and recommendations that suite your music taste.

But besides streaming music, you can also get your head out of your phone or computer and ask a friend. You would be surprised what people would listen to. Most of my friends have awesome taste in music.

But honestly, another great way to find music is “free” iTunes music. If you look closely, on the right hand side of your screen, you can see a “free” section. Click on it, and they have random free singles every week. Most of the bands I’ve heard of, but this week they have a spanish group, and that’s pretty cool because otherwise I probably wouldn’t have heard of them.

And don’t be afraid to look at music websites or radio station websites, they also have free downloads of local bands and such! Awesomesauce right! I just saved you money and found you ways to listen to awesome bands you have never heard of before!

This is an example of a single that was on iTunes a couple of weeks ago: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UK6J5SKJing

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