Local Bands

I love going to shows. I honestly could care less if I knew every song off the album or if I’ve never heard of them.

Which is why I love supporting local bands. Sure, some of them are just cover bands, but at least they like to jam. My favorite local band right now is The Listening Party.

Yes, they are close friends of mine, but they actually have some original music that is pretty damn good. And no matter what kind of music you like, I think any music guru will like them because their music is pop rock/ a bit of alternative edge kick to it.

And lucky them, I got them a gig this year at one of my jobs. Needless to say, I felt good doing them a service, but at the same time, they deserved it. Because not every local band gets recognized and it’s about time they do.Besides, if you are going to make it big, it all starts with the local fan support.



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