What’s Happening to the Music in Nashville

Being down in Nashville and seeing all the music going on… well let’s put it this way, the first thing everyone says to me is ” Oh you must like country music, that’s what Nashville is known for”.

My response is “No Sh**”… no I wish it was, but sometimes people  are really rude when they talk to me about it. Majority of the time I say yes it is but it’s rapidly changing.

And I’ll tell you how:

Everyday, a new artist from all genres of music are coming from LA to New York and are moving to Nashville. Why? It’s not as cut throat as the other cities are, people will actually listen to your story and give you advice. Also, it’s 10x cheaper to live here in Nashville then it is in any other big music city. The other big thing, it’s easy to travel from. To get to NY, you have to take a train, deal with traffic and worst deal with all those people. To get to LA, you have to go through the mountains if you are driving or flying for that matter, deal with traffic and worst deal with the people. Sure to get to Nashville from the east, you have the mountain range, but to get north or south piece of cake. Because it’s in the middle of the country, you don’t have to worry about all that traffic and most importantly you don’t have to deal with people being mean to you. Like really mean… you know what I mean.

Also, bands/artists such as Kesha, Kings of Leon, Jack White, Justin Timberlake are moving/ live in Nashville. Why? Because Nashville is the next up coming city. Just you watch world.

While country music will always exist in Nashville, and believe me, I feel it always will, Music Row is a historic  music part of town that is getting bought out by real estate corporate investors.  And due to this corporate money coming into Music Row, people are dipping out fast. RCA Studios was almost completely bought out, the houses are being bought out and being turned into God knows what. Why? Because Music Row is where country music “started” and now corporate wants to turn it into a tourist trap.

My point: Nashville is NOT just country music anymore. It’s more than that, Nashville is about the music and will hopefully always be about the music.

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