Live to Work or Work to Live

The one thing I always say in my interviews, “you’re not just applying to a place to make money, it’s a lifestyle, it’s the life you want to live and that’s why I want to work for (your company). I want my life to be about (this company).”… OK I say something along the lines of that, it’s not necessarily word for word, but when I say it I mean.

But how far do you have to go to get to what you want and how much do you have to sacrifice along the way? Long story short, I am missing a very important family event because I can’t get off of work. Needless to say, my mom was very upset with me. And I don’t blame her, because I want my life eventually to be work to live and not live to work.

My point: hopefully you’ll choose the places  you work for because you want to work there. If you’re not happy, you probably need to get out.

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