The Difference between Brew City and Music City

I have been in Nashville for five months and of course being a northern, I noticed the differences between the two cities.

Politics: I never really took into consideration the “democratic” and “republican” states idea… until I moved to Nashville. Milwaukee is very much a liberal city when it comes to relationships, jobs, drinking and every day life. Nashville is “liberal” for being a city in the south, but there are certain ideologies that make Nashville conservative… especially drinking. I still believe Milwaukee is the best town for that.

Weather: Enough said… I’m not freezing my butt off down  in Nashville.

Motivation: After the recession, I noticed the job market in Milwaukee struggled when I got out of college. To this day it still struggles, and there aren’t many jobs there. I just feel there ‘s not a lot of motivation in Milwaukee to fight what Milwaukee use to be. Nashville people are wanting change and are willing to make a change. I feel that fight has died in Milwaukee. I’m hoping that will change.

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