Most of the time, I’m 100% behind the Grammys. I think it’s a great award for any producer, songwriter, musician, artist to receive.

This year, I thought was kind of a let down. In more ways than one.

I think the best way to put it, it wasn’t exciting. It was pretty predictable but I just thought it wasn’t memorable. Maybe I am being harsh, I’m not trying to be. I also think, there should have been other artists in nominated in certain categories, but again, who am I to judge. I’m just a blogger from Wisconsin.

Bob Lefsetz has the best music blog, I’ve ever read. This past blog, he wrote about the Grammys and the best thing he said was,

I don’t know where to go from here. Kill the Walking Dead”. 

Let’s be honest, I’ve saw more people post about Walking Dead on Facebook then about the Grammys. Twitter was all about the Grammys, but I think everyone was ready for Kayne to do something drastic this year. But seriously, if the Grammys are competing against the Walking Dead, I think more people would rather watch zombies.

My point: I really hope that the people that receive their Grammys really do earn it. Because at the end of the day, it’s an achievement that many people will never get the chance to have.

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