“I Wanna Go Home”

Working so much, it makes it extremely hard when I have down time. Because then it gives me time to let my mind wonder. It gives me time to reflect on my life. But mostly, it gives me time to think about my mom, dad and my dog. It’s amazing to me how some people can just pick up and go, when sometimes, they won’t go back home for months and months at a time.  And it’s like they never skipped a beat.

Since I’ve been in Nashville, this is the longest stretch of time since I’ve been able to go home. And now I’m getting extremely homesick. Especially when I talk to my mom.

As I sit and text my friends on how they get over being home sick, I try to remember  why I moved in the first place. How there’s more opportunity and growth that I can make in my career here versus being back home. How the weather is warmer and people are overall just more friendly here.

But I wonder if it will ever get easier? If I was really cut out for this life in the first place. Is it worth to be far away from my mom and dad and if the decisions I made were even worth it.

I’m hoping this is just the homesickness talking and it will pass. Until then, I’ll work hard every day just to get to where I need to be and where I want to be. So I can support my family just like how they have supported me.

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