“Would You Take The Time To Catch Me If I Fall”

A lot of people ask me about my background and why I’m in the music industry in the first place. Yes, I wanted this life and I worked really hard for it. But it also runs in my family.

My mom got a job out in New York working for a record label and my dad was well on his way to get a full ride at Juilliard.

Well both of their lives took a different turn, so did mine as well. When I was applying to colleges, I was dead set on becoming a doctor. I wanted to help people in a way that made them feel better. But my life took a different turn and I ended up changing my mind and dropped out of the college of sciences.

Sitting in class and wondering what the f*** I was going to do with my life became very daunting. I had so much on mind and trying to get my life together was a hot mess.

I tell everyone that I wish I would have went to college out of state, but what I’m very happy about my education is they always told me my minor should be my passion in life. And that’s how I ended up with a degree in public relations and music. I’m good at music and I understand music. But I also figured out I’m a pretty good writer.

My Point: I’m helping people in a different way, maybe they have no idea that I am, but I’m putting together experiences that people will never forget. And if life has taught me anything, experiences are priceless.

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