Find Your Own Voice

I recently went to go see Pitch Perfect 2. And it was awesome. But there was a part in the movie that I really related to.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) got an internship working at a record label. Long story short, her boss asks for one of her demos. She gives it to  him and it’s a mash up that she created. They are sitting in the break room and she asks him what he thought. I can’t remember word for word but he pretty much said, it’s not an original, you need to have a voice to make it in the industry.

And it struck me because I was at a writers round the other night, and all the artists were fantastic. But this one guy literally, sounded exactly like Hunter Hayes.

Then there’s me. A short, blonde chick from a suburb, trying to make a name for herself in this Music City.

It got me thinking, do we need to be extraordinarily different in order to make it? Do we need to go above and beyond to make sure, no one else is like us?

So how do we go about it? The guy at the writers round can’t change his voice. I can dye my hair a different color, but at the end of the day, I’m still me.

It’s a very daunting idea that there are so many of us in this city trying to go after the same thing. Because all the top executives and people see are just a bunch of kids. Literally trying to do the same thing.

My Point: I guess it is about digging deep down and finding who you are. Who you are defines your voice. If you have a strong, confident, powerful voice, maybe it will actually get you to where you want to go.

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