“Forever Cold”

So I went to this event… Me, going to an event, so unheard of! (Sarcasm at its’ max!) I went to this event back in March. I had to work that night, so I couldn’t stay long. But there was this band, I never heard of in my life. They were the opening act, two acts before Scars on 45. I can honestly say, they blew me away!

The Band is called Smooth Hound Smith. They have a blues,folk, americana sound to their music. It’s quite catchy if you ask me. I’ve be lucky enough to see them a couple more times because I think they are quite good.

But the cool thing about them is the duo is  just them. Making all the wonderful music. And they are based out of East Nashville, so that’s pretty baller too!

If you are looking to check out a new band, look no further, this duo is the bees knees! Find them on the information highway!


… The internet if you didn’t get the reference!

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