“I’m a 90’s baby, in my 80’s Mercedes”

It’s funny how we discover music. Sometimes it’s through the radio, other times it’s through social media like YouTube. Most of the time, I hear about new music through my good friends.

One of my friends is very good about posting on his Instagram about upcoming artists/damn good artists in general. Because let’s face it, we all don’t want good music to die.

Maren Morris has been around for a while,but now, is starting to get her career going. She recently opened three nights in Nashville for Chris Stapleton and she will be going out on tour with Keith Urban. Talk about making some progress, she’s on a roll!

But it’s mainly because, she’s down good ol’ country. You know, like what country is really about. Telling stories about life. Her tunes are catchy and the melody is something you can rock out to with the windows rolled down. And the best part is, she only has an EP out, which means, she doesn’t even have an album out. I can’t wait to see what she comes out with next!

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