You Do It For The Music

I’ll be completely honest,I haven’t really gone to any shows lately. I know I’m failing at life. Mainly, I’m trying to save money because I’m pre-approved to buy a house! I’m also traveling as much as I can, and I’m also going to meetings and interviews like crazy! Because I’m a workaholic.

But long story I’ve been super busy, I think this is my first time blogging in about two or three weeks. And I really don’t have anything to say besides festival season and baseball season are upon us.

And also, I want you to remember,  your friends who play and the local artists who do this for a living, for a living. We really don’t live off much, we are actually pretty poor in this industry.

I met with a girl from Marquette University (which is my alumni), and the one thing I told her was “If you want to be in this industry, you do it for the music, not for the money”.

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