The thing I love about Music City, is discovering new music. But sometimes I don’t even find new music here in the city. Sometimes, music just pops up out of nowhere or someplace else.

…Also known as getting the hell out of bed and exploring this beautiful world.

In 2014, I was promised a full time job from a company. Long story short, that company went back on their word and I didn’t get it. So instead of getting even, I just went on to work on my own life.

2014 I went down to SXSW, and given the chance, I would do it all again! I love Austin and I love SXSW!

There were two big bands that everyone wanted to see… well I wanted to see. Echosmith and The 1975. Since then, both bands have become some of the biggest pnenomeons when it comes to music and what we listen to today.

I recently went home for a couple of days and I went to see The 1975. Finally! I was so pumped to see them! And they didn’t disappoint, that was probably one of the best lighting shows I’ve seen a while!

With that being said,  as much as I like the band, their music and overall vibe. I don’t understand their audience. It’s a bunch of #Tweeniebopers. It’s like zombies who came out of the wood word, where the hell did they come from?

I guess I can’t complain, because they knew the words to every song, but I mean… Really?







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