Farewell Tour

It’s not every day that I make an effort to actally go out of my way to go and see a band. Two main reasons:

1. I’m a spoiled brat and I can go to concerts for free or I either work them.

2. I know the band will come back around and I can see them another time (see reason number 1.)

This is a side note here * I know this sounds like a really bratty thing to say. I’ll be the first to admit it. Please don’t judge me. I promise I’m a semi decent person.* 

But I will say this, if you don’t go and see Motion City Soundtrack Farewell Tour, you are truly missing out. I’ve worked with them a couple times, the guys are so nice and extremely talented. Please do me a favor, if you read this please do see Motion City if they come to a city near you. It’s once a once in a lifetime punk rock band for sure. 

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