Is Summer the Worst Time of Year for BNA?

So here’s a little tid bit about what’s going on in Nashville… not much at all. Ironically, my home state is killing it with country and rock festivals left and right. Nashville right now is primarily dead. Sure you have local festivals and get togethers, but besides tourism, that’s pretty much it.


This is the time of year where everyone is out of town working.We are all traveling to different states and venues to put on a show. I should say, if you are in the production world or are a musician, you are like me, who is traveling a lot at the moment.

Not to say it’s a bad thing if you are still in town working. Remember, we have a lot of agencies, management and crew companies in town. So there are people who still work a lot. Also, if you are trying to make it on stage, remember, you have to start somewhere.

In other words, I thought about this really hard. I think Nashville is a great town, except in the winter and summer. Summer everyone is traveling and working and winter sucks because no one is working.



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