Being Cold Sucks

I seriously hate this time of year. Sure the holidays are coming up, but there’s really nothing going on. Besides football and Halloween parties. Also, it’s starting to get cold, and there’s a reason why I moved away from the cold. The cold just sucks. No me gusta.

As things start to wind down and the holidays are coming up, what do people do in this town. That’s a good question, and here’s the answer for you. Nothing, they do nothing. There’s nothing going on. So most people right now are doing nothing. Luckily for me, I like money and money likes me, so I find things to keep me busy.

Because being busy is really important to me, I can’t just stand around. It drives me nuts! But the problem is, I like to save money too, so I’m being a loner like everyone else in Nashville.

It’s time like these, this is where you make it or break it with your sanity. This is where you figure out who’s in it for the long run and who’s going to be running out of town.

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