What did Animals Do to You?

If you know anything about my blog, it’s primarily about music and how much I struggle in my career in music.

But this is an important issue to me, so I need to express it as much as I can on my social media outlets.

I need to get the word out there that animal neglect is not the answer. Animal cruelty is not the answer. I don’t care if you eat animals for food, that’s part of human nature. I’m talking about taking care of your best friend; your dog, your cat, your lizard.

You have them in your life for a reason, so take care of them. And if you don’t, find someone who will. There is too much of this bad behavior going on in the world, and it needs to stop.

I  hear over and over again how humans are the top predators. Why are we killing lions and elephants? To make a couple of bucks? To hang their heads on our wall? Are we that pathetic?

I recently went to see my high school friend from Alabama and long story short. I met Carlos and he is a paraplegic dog, not by choice.( See video below)

I’m trying to spread the word. Please stop animal abuse and help my friend and I help Carlos to a healthier life!


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