What did Animals Do to You?

If you know anything about my blog, it’s primarily about music and how much I struggle in my career in music.

But this is an important issue to me, so I need to express it as much as I can on my social media outlets.

I need to get the word out there that animal neglect is not the answer. Animal cruelty is not the answer. I don’t care if you eat animals for food, that’s part of human nature. I’m talking about taking care of your best friend; your dog, your cat, your lizard.

You have them in your life for a reason, so take care of them. And if you don’t, find someone who will. There is too much of this bad behavior going on in the world, and it needs to stop.

I  hear over and over again how humans are the top predators. Why are we killing lions and elephants? To make a couple of bucks? To hang their heads on our wall? Are we that pathetic?

I recently went to see my high school friend from Alabama and long story short. I met Carlos and he is a paraplegic dog, not by choice.( See video below)

I’m trying to spread the word. Please stop animal abuse and help my friend and I help Carlos to a healthier life!

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*Sappy, long post* Thank you for all the kind birthday wishes! Since my grandma died on my birthday a couple of years ago, I've asked my friends and family to send my birthday wishes to her and our family. This year, I ask you to send all your good thoughts,prayers and well wishes to this guy. We don't know exactly what happened to him, but we believe a human did this to him. And I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help him. My birthday wish this year is make sure he has a healthy, happy life. If anyone knows anyone who can help paraplegic dogs, who would like to sponsor or has a big heart to adopt Carlos Santana, please let my friend @kathleenczap or myself know. We want to make this right. We are looking for guidance or advice of any kind. Please feel free to share this post. Accidents happen with animals all the time, but this needs to stop. If you think animal abuse or neglect is dwindling you are wrong. Please help me help this little guy! #mybirthdaywish #stopanimalcruelty

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