“Yeah Boy”

I went on my first real trip with a guy I like. I know, this is pretty new to me too.
Because who would want to hang out with me for extended periods of time… well let’s be honest, I can be pretty cool too!

We went to Arizona for warmer weather… the weather wasn’t warmer.But I enjoyed our hikes and our conversations. He’s extremely intelligent like high tech could break into your computer kind of smart.

The thing I liked about him the most, is that he is really open to the idea of me working in music. Most of the time, it scares a lot of guys away. Apparently, it makes me into this party girl.

Here’s what I’m excited about, the more I like guys like him, the better I understand sappy happy love songs. Maybe that means I can start truly writing songs again. And just become a better writer as well. I just hope this streak continues of just meeting awesome guys like him.


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