Rise Up or Fall Down

Have you ever felt so bad about absolutely nothing, it almost feels like you don’t have any control of what’s going on? And no matter what you do, you feel like you can’t do anything right?

I’ve had some moments in my life like that, on and off. But it has gotten worse and more frequent since I moved to Nashville. Mainly because the music industry is not only tough, but it’s very competitive and people can be mean.

I tell people all the time, don’t enter the industry. There’s not a lot of stability and there’s not a lot of jobs. So even if you work as hard as I do, sometimes you still don’t get anywhere. It’s a really awful feeling.

Music is supposed to be about the good and bringing people together. It’s a universal language that I feel most people do understand.

Given my experiences,  working in music and people telling me I’m not good enough as a musician, it’s really made me wonder about the purpose of music.

I don’t want people to give up on their hopes and dreams and neither do I. I do want them to be realistic and understand that these things do happen and it’s not easy.


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