Leaving Bad Reviews

As most of my followers know, I like to write about artists and their shows. I like to write about my personal experiences in the industry. But I’ve also written reviews about music good or bad.

I will be the first to admit, I hate to be that person that leaves a bad review about anything. I feel like a troll. I hate writing them so much, I left two bad reviews in my life. One was for Airbnb when I went to Memphis. My host was just a hot mess. The other one was just now and I feel bad about it, but here’s my point of view.

I called about a medical bill because I was thinking to myself “why am I getting another medical bill, it’s like it never stops.” Long story short, I wanted to know when I had my last appointment. The woman on the phone was talking down to me and made me feel stupid. I went on my health insurance website to see that I was wrong about the bill and I do need to pay.

But what I was upset about is the woman on the phone. As someone who works with artists, bartenders, promotions; I know how important it is when you are working to be nice to people. It’s something I’ve learned way over time.

She was not nice to the point that I won’t be coming back. And I hate the fact that one person can ruin the whole experience really sucks.

I’m writing this article because I want people to know I try to stay super objective when it comes to leaving reviews and writing about my experiences. Because artists can have a bad show, a server can have a bad day. As a customer can I get frustrated, yes absolutely. But people need to be extremely careful when talking to people and how they talk to people.

As someone who blogs, here is some advice about writing reviews about music or anything in general:

  1. Be professional- You look really stupid when you have spelling and grammar errors everywhere.
  2. Write clearly- Explain why you are writing it. Otherwise, refer to number three.
  3. Don’t be stupid- Reviews can ruin a business or a person. Please be sure to do it because you want people to know what your experience was like.


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