“Don’t Fu*k With Me”

I think in this day in age, forever ago and most importantly the future, it is so imperative that women band together.

No, this is not a political rant. This is about women and music. Literally, band together. I’m so happy that so many women are embracing each other and starting to support each other. Whether it’s celebrities vocally speaking about it or girls just playing together.

Think about how many all girl bands there are back when and now. If you really think about it, not many. Charli XCX had a all girl band at SXSW in 2014 and I think she still does to this day. There’s also The Dead Deads, but I think it’s important that people realize there should be way more all girl bands. But off the top of my head, not many. But as time goes on, I think there will be way more.

My friend at the City Winery told me about Tacocat. She said, “They have the best period music.” And I absolutely love it! A punk rock all girl band that talks about lady parts and bad moods. What more could I ask for at a time like this!







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