LA isn’t Bad

So I just got back from LA. Most of the time, I’ve spent there, it’s been for layovers and hangovers. But I never really spent a good amount of time over there. Because everyone pretty much told me how awful LA was. Traffic, people, traffic, how expensive everything is, people, traffic… You get the picture.

I have to admit, the time I spent over there, was pretty awesome. I didn’t spend that much time in West Hollywood, but I also really don’t want to either. I want to see what tourists don’t see when I travel. I want to see the reasons why people actually live in big cities like that.

It just so happens, I have a lot of friends over there, so it’s great to have people you already know. And it doesn’t hurt to have cute guy friends over there.

Here’s what I know about LA and entertainment:

Everyone has some sort of affiliation to it.

There are a ton of festivals, studios, and venues for people to play.

I truly believe that you can make it in LA, you just have to be smart about it.


As much as I love Nashville, if someone offered me a job in LA, I would move.


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