“Sweet Dreams”

I’ll tell you this right now, don’t expect to make a ton of money when you make it in the industry. If you hear of it, they are probably lying to you.

I’m not trying to pessimistic, but it’s true. You don’t enter this industry thinking you are going to make a lot of money. Because EVERYONE wants to work in the industry, so employers can offer you less than nothing to work in the industry.

Do I call bullsh*t, yes it is! But it’s the fact of life. Supply and demand my friends.

So if you enter this industry, I hope you have a lot of money to start or I hope you other forms of income.

A ton of us has side gigs. I work at the City Winery because I can. I have a lot of friends who bartend on the side. I even have a good friend who works full-time for a well-known country artist and she sells real estate on the side.

I’m trying to find other ways of income as we speak. I’m not hurting because I started my savings account about six years ago after I got stuck in New Zealand. But I’m always on the look out.

So just a heads up- “Sweet Dreams to You” if you think you’re going to make bank right away.


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