One Love Manchester

Whether you like it or not. We live in a pretty unsafe, untrusting world.

Can we potentially make the future brighter? I would like to say yes, but that change would not only involve a big community but a big world attitude change.

But we have to start somewhere right? I’m very happy Ariana Grande got up on stage and performed. She brought other people along too like Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, Coldplay… Big influencers in the music community.

Big influencers in the world community such as world peace or social justice… not entirely sure about that. The fact of the matter is, these entertainers stood up for something that is much bigger than selling tickets.

I hope the world truly starts looking around at each other and realizing that these matters happen every day. Big and small. Dramatic and things that don’t get covered on social media. If we don’t stand together and stop it, it will continue.

So thank you to all the security guards, production crew, the fans and the performers for coming together to create something for those who have lost something. Faith and trust.


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