Woman Up

One of the things that people don’t tell you about the entertainment industry is how horrible men can be. Yes, you hear the interviews and the accusations. But there’s a lot more that you don’t know about. A lot of us keep it silent.

Let me explain, most jobs, you have an HR department. These folks will help you when things go bad. From there, they handle the punishment for that person and they suffer the consequences.

I sound like I’m talking from the 1600s, but you get what I’m saying.

On the road, on-site, behind the scenes, there’s no such thing as HR. When things go bad, you have to handle them yourself or you have to trust that your bosses will handle it. Which is normally the TM/PM. Give or take, every camp is different.

Sometimes that’s really hard especially when people still view women as objects and things that are a distraction for men. It’s complete nonsense, but there are men that still very much think this way.

I have personally been through these situations several times. It’s not that I bring them upon myself, sometimes shit happens. Literally shit happens.

Sometimes guys are just jerks, sometimes they are literally “hunting” you. Sometimes they are just desperate. Sometimes they are just lonely. Sometimes they just need someone. A lot of times, they are just jerks.

I don’t really care if you are a guy, girl, trans, an alien; if you are treating people like objects, you should take a hard look in the mirror. Everyone has the right to their space and not feel violated. But most importantly, just to feel like a human. I think everyone deserves that right.


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