What Next?

As we approach the phases of getting back to “normal”. We still don’t know what normal will be. We also don’t know what it means for live events and concerts.

So where do we go from here? A lot of people have been wondering that and quite frankly, so have I.

I know there are a lot of artists going rogue on the streaming and social media. That’s great! Keep the music alive! I know drive-in concerts are now becoming a thing. I know there are a couple of different streaming platforms that are happening and are in the works.

Will this become the new normal? The way we experience events becomes this social distancing and separating of people?

To tell you the truth, I’ve been reading a lot about what others in the industry think. And I have to agree with a lot of them. Regardless of how the events world is going to change, it’s never going to be the same as a live show with a cheering crowd.

There I said it. Eventually, can we get there? I’m hopeful, but enjoying a loud, noisy concert with the crowd singing at the top of their lungs will never be the same.

“Space Cowboy”

After a month of touring, I have a month off. But as awesome as it is to have time off, I need as much work as I possibly can get. Because I’m trying to work as much as I can.


With that being said, I think there’s going to be a lot happening this year. There are a lot more tours going out, which means bigger line-up for festivals and arena shows. More artists are dropping albums this year which means more music to spread the love this year!

My prediction is this year, a lot of people in Nashville will be dropping a new album. Kacey Musgraves will be coming out with her new album in March and I am excited about it!

I’ve been a fan of her music since she started her career. She tells an old, country story with a modern-day message. She’s old meets new but there’s something profound about her music. It’s not the most upbeat but it is beautiful and catchy in its own way. I applaud her for sticking to her sound. She’s unique in the country world. I can’t believe I’m saying this but I genuinely love her music.


“Welcome to Nashville”

Networking: It’s not only a skill, it’s something you must also be really good at, if you want to make it in the industry. I’m not kidding, the only reason why I’ve made it as far as I’ve had is because of networking and social media stalking.

Because you won’t make it anywhere without networking and a support system who believes in you. But at the same time, you have to want it, you have to want it so bad. When you want it that bad, that’s when networking comes much easier, because you know what you want.

There are a lot musicians in this town,  a lot. Some are extremely talented, some are not. An artist that I believe is talented is Anderson East. He’s also Miranda Lambert’s new boyfriend! But really, he’s got a lot of soul in his music and a lot of passion behind his music. Just listen to him, I’m sure you will appreciate his music as much as I do!

If you want to get a glimpse of Nashville, here it is in a nut shell!


Don’t fall into the Deep End

The music industry is hard to get into. Guy or girl. You really need to have a personality, a good work ethic and great skill set. Unfortunately, majority of people can be really rude, so there goes one third of them. Unfortunately again, majority of people my generation feel that should have things handed to them. So again there goes another one third of the people. Then there are the people with skills. I would say another one third of the people don’t possess this.

So if you are good at math, you would need to know that even if you have two out the three, there’s a good chance you won’t get the job. The one I would say you could get away with is a crappy personality, because let’s face it, if you shut up and get the job done, that’s really all that matters.

So with that being said, I hate to compare my personal and professional life. But it is true, I’m starting to look at friends like they are clients. And if friends aren’t awesome, won’t put in the effort to create a great friendship and don’t utilize their strengths and put them to good use, I feel that makes you a very lazy friend.

My point is: No matter what in life, treat people the way you want to be treated. Work really hard at anything you do in life. And always remember good things come with time.

Rockstars Are People Too

I really hate the stereotype of musicians and the rockstar lifestyle. It’s not true at all. Believe me, their lives are not as glamorous as you think it is.

Yesterday I walked into a bar with a couple of friends for Sunday Funday. Low behold, guess who walks in. Miranda Lambert. And after all the controversy that has been going on with her, I’m sure she just wants to be surrounded by good friends,people and beer.

And of course what happens, she is swarmed by 10,000 guys trying to hit on her. She literally just wants a beer and to be left the hell alone. Naturally, she dipped out in the back way to escape the horror.

But seriously, when you are going through a hard time, all you want is comfort and support. But once you have made it in the big leagues, your normal life disappears.

Please tell me, when you are feeling alone, scared, vulnerable, you want to be swamped with paparazzi cameras staring at you like mosquitos… I didn’t think so.

So next time you see someone super famous out and about, leave them alone.

“It’s Going To Be OK”

When I was four, I fell off my bike and busted my knee. I acted like it was the end of the world. My mom told me “It’s going to be OK”. Sure enough, my knee was fine, but I still have a scar on my knee to prove it.

When I was 17, I lost a piano competition, and I thought again my world was going to end. But my dad, sat me down and told me, ” The world isn’t fair, and this is going to happen more and more as life goes on. But it’s going to be OK.”

When I was 18, I had a devastating house fire. That same day, I went to go get the mail, and I found out I was put on the wait list for my number one college. At that point, I knew my life was over and there was nothing I could do about it. But something inside of me just sparked. And that night as I slept on some floor, I thought to myself “It’s going to be OK”.

When I was 24, I made the decision that I wanted to do something with my life, and I picked up and left for Nashville. The struggle has been real and it’s taught me a lot. I’ve been mugged, got into a hit and run, my grandmother passing away, car problems… the list goes on. When I tell my friends what’s been going on, the most supportive ones, don’t give me advice. They tell me, “Do what makes you happy, it’s going to work out and everything is going to be OK.”

My Point: Working in the industry and living my life in general has taught me that there are going to be some really bad times. Bad times where you don’t think you will survive. So bad you just don’t know what to do anymore. But if there is anything I learned in my short time on this planet, it’s that if you want something, you need to go after it. You need to work hard and you need to wake up being the best person you can be. After all, it’s going to be OK.

Not another music conference: #Pollstar

So, what’s so special about this Pollstar conference? You’re probably thinking not much, but really, anyone who is anyone (unless of course you are busy working… or family or whatever the case may be) in the music industry attends this conference. People from all over the world come to attend and they’re not just “making” it in the industry, some of these people are the most successful  in the game. Everyone from agents, talent buyers, production, artists… you name it, they were there.

I had the honor to attend the Production Live! portion of Pollstar Conference.

I’m glad I went, because I realized how much I actually knew about music production going into the conference. What to expect, what to do, what you need to do, how hard you work, but it’s also mind opening that these people not just work, they love their jobs. And that’s a refreshing idea because now a days, people just go to their 9 to 5 job and work… boring.

I would have love to attend the whole music conference, however I was in Utah snowboarding so I couldn’t. Just a side note, if you go to Utah to ski, you better be a damn good skier, those are some tough slopes.

My point: Do whatever you need to help you advance your career.

Patience is a Virtue

As everyone tells me, I’m doing great things for only being down in Nashville for a short amount of time. Right now, I feel like my time is pinched and if I had more time in my 70 hour work week, I think I would have made bigger leaps here.

Weekly, I’m networking about 10 to 20 hours a week and that includes going to networking events/ music events. I try to go to 4 shows a month.. obviously, that’s just a joy for me. I apply for at least 5 jobs a week. I also blog to keep up my writing skills and I continue to do freelance work whenever I can. Did I mention I have a little bit of a social life?

Never the less, I’m trying extremely hard. Like most girls my age try to really hard to be in a relationship, I’m trying really hard to get my career on the go! I guess only time will tell!

My point: Beggars can’t be choosers.

Here’s a great song, I totally forgot about! Normal like you is a great band!

Everything Comes With a Price

First off, I would like to apologize, it’s been so long since I wrote on my blog. I think this is the longest I’ve gone without writing. So for those of you who truly like to read my blog, I’m sorry. I’ve been so busy trying to get myself together here in Nashville.

Now with that being said, here are some insights about the industry down in Nashville:

People want to help you, however sometimes it comes with a price. If they know they aren’t going to get anything in return, more than likely, they won’t put you on their priority list. Also, there’s a huge gender factor down here. If a girl passes my name off to another friend, I’m a good person. If a guy passes my name off to another friend… I’m sleeping with him. It’s a stupid double standard, but it exist.

While Nashville is a small town and everyone knows everyone, it’s still very hard and competitive to get into the work place here. Yes, people are moving here like it’s going out of style and businesses are booming, but again you need to know the right people. Also, I’m sick and tired of being told I’m over qualified, seriously, just pay my less and hire me already.

Most importantly, it’s not easy. Not at all. It’s hard being away from family, it’s hard being away from the things you know, it’s hard just to establish yourself in a new city. But at the end of the day, I know it will be worth it. It has to be worth it. I will make it worth it.