Band Geek to Rockstar: Where’s the fine line?

One of the things I hated as a kid was juggling music and sports. It was very difficult and many times I had to choose one or the other. My varsity basketball coach told me if I missed a game for a concert that I would be benched for five games. Is that seriously necessary?

So I want you to think about this: Were you a band geek? Tell me, were you made of in high school? Or were you making fun of someone for being in music in high school or college? Or worst, did you quit music because it just wasn’t “cool” to be in anymore?

When I first started playing saxophone, my band teachers initially told me I couldn’t play because there were too many saxophone players. And my mom told my teachers, “I can guarantee she will be the only one playing by the time she is a senior.” 13 saxophone players and seven years later I was the only one still playing saxophone by my senior year in high school.  Because I never thought it was dumb or stupid, I didn’t care if people made fun of me and most importantly I thought it was cool to learn how to read/write/play music.

Now let’s fast forward five years, I have friends who call me and ask me how to get started playing instruments. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they are interested, but where’s the fine line between being a band geek and being a rockstar? When do people start to realize that music is a very, very cool thing. I’m not sure if anyone has the answer to this but my point, don’t make fun of the band geeks, they just might be the next concert you are going to.