Be Proud

It is almost March 2021 and it will be a year since this whole thing went down. While most of us are over this and exhausted (I know I am), take the time to be proud of yourself.

Be proud of the fact you made it a year, changing your whole life around to help the community around you.

Be proud of the fact that you probably accomplished more than you think! I know I did!

Be proud of the fact that you didn’t give up. You kept fighting through this whole thing. Mentally and spiritually.

Be proud of the fact that you developed new hobbies and found new ways to entertain yourself!

Be proud of the fact that you took the time to think about what really matters to you in this life.

Be proud of the fact that you did your best to make it through it!

Be proud of the fact that you are awesome, you are doing great, and there is hopefully light at the end of the tunnel.

Everyone is in the Same Boat

If you follow this blog, you know this blog was mostly about music. Well guess what COVID-19 happened and it’s STILL happening. It’s 12 days in 2021 and I’m already mentally exhausted. I’m exhausted about what’s going on in the world. I’m exhausted about my career and after 10 years of working towards it, my career just disappeared.

I’m tired of the news and all the negativity. I’m tired of the peoples’ flakiness because let’s be honest, we are all struggling. We are all drowning in the same water, some of us just have boats and yachts others have canoes and life vests. Just remember that when you decide to play the “woe is me” card.

I know I sound so mean, rereading what I typed, it can sound really harsh. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m not trying to be mean, I’m trying to be honest. I have friends in music who are struggling and I have people who work in medical that are struggling. Everyone is struggling in their own way and the scary part is the ones that don’t show pain are the ones that are struggling the most.

I wish I could write about what’s going on in music and the next show/artist you should go see next. I wish I could write about a the next artist I’m going on tour with. I wish I could write about the newest production that is happening on stage. I just wish I could happen about what’s going on in the world of music and entertainment in general.

Life sucks right now. Most of our worlds have flipped upside down and inside out. It’s an adjustment for everyone. So I leave you with this. Remember the scene in Bridesmaids, where Annie’s mom says, “Honey, I think this is your rock bottom. But you know what’s good about hitting rock bottom, you can only go up.”

Annie kind of rolls her eyes because she’s heard that line before and then later in the movie Annie says, “Hey mom, remember when you said I hit rock bottom… that wasn’t it.” And like most movies it has a sappy, happy ending. I can’t guarantee your life will have a bow at the end of your ending. But I will tell you, I’ve hit rock bottom, it’s not as bad as it seems. Believe me, I got through it, and if this is your rock bottom. Just know, you will get through this.

We Are Not Coasting

An acquaintance (who works in the events world) who I know through coworkers and such was lucky enough to work for her mom’s company during this tough time. So when she asked me what I was doing with my time her response was, “Oh, so I guess you’re just coasting.”

First off, that is one of the most insensitive things you could ever say to someone during this pandemic. I know I can be harsh and blunt, but I’m not about hurting anyone’s feelings. Especially when the entire events and entertainment world is at a standstill. And millions of people are still out of work because of the pandemic.

Secondly, if you are that person that thinks that people like us should just “get another job” because we are “coasting”. Let me put it into perspective for you.

I have been working in the events world for the last 10 years. I’ve dedicated my life and made a lot of personal sacrifices to get to where I am today. 10 years may not seem like a lot, but that is 1/3 of my life. Essentially, my entire 20s has been dedicated to putting on events. So to tell someone like me or anyone else who works in this industry to get another job, just know that is a big slap in the face to us.

Also, I don’t know what happened to being kind to people, but a lot of us are mentally struggling. We are still trying to wrap our minds around the fact that our livelihood and our careers are done. How do I know this, just look at your social media pages. It’s devasting.

I recently saw a friend, and not only did he lose his touring job. But he was diagnosed with a rare skin disease and filed for bankruptcy. So please tell me he’s coasting. Because to me, it sounds like he’s just trying to survive.

I would also like to point out, that any show/movie you are watching during this pandemic. Those people are out of work as well. So forget about the new season of whatever show you are watching in this current moment in time.

Look, I’m not trying to be mean or shame people who work normal jobs or are lucky enough to find work. I just want people to understand. The entertainment/events world is struggling. Hard.

Most of us are not getting financial support. And if we are, it’s because we actually work for an artist/actor/production company, that is lucky enough to pay their staff. That’s like hitting the lottery right now. But I would say the majority of them can’t pay their staff. With no events, means no money coming in. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of companies went under. It’s the sad truth.

Also, I have a lot of friends who have started their own small businesses just to pay their bills. So if you see an old band shirt on Poshmark©, please buy the shirt from them, it might mean they have water next month.

But it’s not just the people working. It’s the local venues. It’s the small artists that have been trying to get on stage for the past 10 years. It’s the people who work at big and small venues. It’s the people who produce your favorite TV show. It’s any sporting event you can think of. I could go on and on about how many people this affects. If the entertainment world doesn’t come back like it was before, just know the economy will struggle. You can kiss the Super Bowl goodbye as well.

From the bottom of my heart, if you know someone that works in the entertainment/events world, be kind to them. Literally, ask them how they are doing. While some people may be getting back on their feet, others are trying to figure out how to pay the bills.

So Slow, So Keep Moving

Fair warning: To whoever wants to work in touring, festivals and production world; this is a very slow time of year. Very slow. Like super slow. I think paint drys faster than the months of December through February. This is a really good time to go on holidays and break away from the world.

Like it is so slow everyone is trying to find work… literally any kind of work. I think even most of the venues in Nashville are slow that’s how slow it is. But even if you have work coming in January, February, March, people are STILL looking to occupy their time.

For work right now, I’m working for a wardrobe stylist and working at a venue. I think I said that in my last post. But even then I’m still looking for work. Because I like to work. I’m a workaholic.

So right now, my focus is on this year and getting big gigs and moving my career to the next level. I highly suggest if you are in this field of work that you do the same thing.


Go With It … And Your Strengths

You know how everyone is known for something? Everyone has their niche or the thing that they are really good at.

I’ve noticed over the years certain comments people say about me, professional and personally. Here are the few comments that have stuck with me:

“Most Improved”

“Honest and passionate”

“Hard worker and ambitious”

Honestly, I would say those are not the best comments in the world, not really, I would like to be told I’m a leader and have great ideas. But lately, I’m getting random calls and texts to work more events. Which means I’ve got to be pretty good at what I’m doing and what I’m known for.

Whether you are the musician or the person working backstage or in the office, you have to find what you are good at. And you play off of it because people will notice your strengths more than your weaknesses if you do.

I find that’s the biggest problem with artists these days. As an artist it not only has to suit you and what you stand for musically but the ones that have a following, the ones that really make it, their fans love it too. And if it is something unique and special that you have, people will notice.

You have something going on that’s good, go with it.



Don’t Give Up

For the first time ever, I really enjoy being home for Christmas. I haven’t done much since I have been here but living in nostalgia… Is that how you use it?

Anyways, I’m really excited because my dad got me a keyboard/synthesizer and I’m bringing back my saxophone to Nashville. Needless to say, I hope I get my musicianship back and hope that things will be great next year.

As I told my parents last night, I want to do it all. I want to be able to say everything I’ve ever wanted to do, I conquered and did well at it.

Music is always one of my biggest obstacles, I’ve always been able to play and read. And I was once really, really good. But life got in the way, so I hope this time it doesn’t.

Do I need a bit of practice, sure, I’ll admit it! But at one point in time, everyone did.

I hope that everything falls into place.

“Road Less Traveled”

I was thinking really hard… Wait a minute… When am I not thinking.

I was thinking about my career and where I want it to go. And to be completely honest, I’m not sure where I want it to go or where the hell I’m going. Hopefully it’s up! I just want to continue to make progress!

Because like everyone else in the world, I want to conquer it and do everything possible!
I truly believe in the artist I work for. She has a great voice and she really stands for all the good things in music.

Not only do I want to help her career, but I want to help her conquer of her dreams as well. Now tell me, how is it possible to do all things? Maybe it is, you just have to keep your focus and go for the gold!

If you are an early bird (Which I’m not), check out Lauren Alaina on the Today show tomorrow!



“What’s Left of Me”

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I really want out of my career. Like, what is it that I really want,what I’m trying to aim for and where I’m going.

Because the truth is, now I want even more than what I have now. That is probably extremely selfish of me because some people won’t make it at all or won’t come close to what they want out of their career. But hey, I think it’s extremely selfish when people have kids and they call them “minnie me”. Because they are just people, not you.

I really want to push my limits to see what I can do with my career in music. How I can help my fellow musicians, producers, event managers because at the end of the day, it takes a team to make everything happen.

If you follow my blog, you know I’ve worked really hard to get to where I am. I will be the first to say, I am really ready to take the next step in my career. Have more responsibilities and to be in charge of more decisions.

We all have to go somewhere…

Honesty is the Best Policy

It doesn’t matter what you are doing in life. It doesn’t matter what period you are in your life. There will always be people around who will always try to bring you down.

Whether it’s in your career or whether it’s in your personal life, boy or girl, chicken or cow, it will happen to you at some point in your life.

Now, when it comes to handling this, there’s a couple of ways to go about it:

The crazy road: Where you start swearing up a storm and start ripping peoples’ hair out.

The I’m better than this road: This is when you ignore everything and act like nothing is going wrong… because you are “better than this” AKA you are oblivious to everything to what is actually going on.

Or you can take this road…

Jaimee’s road: This is the way I do things. I’m not saying it’s right, I’m not saying it’s the holy grail. This is how I’ve learn to handle things. I like to go head on with things. I like to head straight  on with the problem, and just confront the person. Sure, words may be exchanged but honesty has always been the best policy for me.



The Best Time of Year: Touring/Festival Season

I’m not going to lie, I get really excited for this time of year!

It’s not only the warmest time of year (Or getting there). It is also the time of year for baseball pants and outdoor concerts!

I really love what I do, and that’s why I fight for it every day. Which is why, I can proudly say, I’m finally going on tour. Well technically I already started but you get what I’m saying.

I’m working merch for an artist here in Nashville, I’ll be headed to Milwaukee and Des Moines this weekend. As excited as I am for this new opportunity, I’m also very nervous. Because most of my work is working with artists, agents, VIPs, not handling clothing.

Needless to say, I’m digging the gig so far. I like the band, the TM/PM, the bus driver, her manager; So far, everyone is down to earth and chill.

…But it’s the beginning of touring season, let’s see how this goes when November rolls around.