My Birthday:What I’ve Learned

Yesterday was  my birthday. Yes, I am a year older. Yes, I have more wrinkles and more cellulite. The joys of getting older. And I still don’t have a roadie job lined up for next year. But as I went to McKay’s today to look through thousands of discounted books, I realized, I may not be where I want to be right now, but I’m constantly trying to work on making myself better.

I work out, read, continue to reach out to those who know more than me, and most importantly, trying to do whatever I can to be the best person I can be.

And so here is my promise to myself:

To continue to work on getting on the road

To always look on the bright side of things

To make sure the people that are important to me get my attention and the attention they deserve

But most importantly,I want to stay true to myself and always believe in myself

I never thought I would post a Justin Bieber song, but this is brilliant! #loveyourself

What The Hell Am I Doing?

I’m currently sitting at Denver airport… to go to Florida. What the hell, am I gong all the way to Denver to go to Florida?

Seriously? I have to go half way across the country to go all the way down to the other side of the country? That seems a little backwards to me, if you know what I mean.

But here’s why I’m doing it. So I can  see my family, for free. Yes for free. My mom used to work for the airline so we had some extra benefits rollover.

Here’s the thing about anything that comes for free or for cheap. Most of the time, it’s not worth it. I recently got a haircut, for a very cheap price. And it is by far the worst haircut, I’ve ever received in my entire life. How bad? I asked for a trim, and the woman gave me a Pauly D cut.

My point: I think the reason why the music industry is so hard to get into it, because you have to work really hard for your career and passion. Nothing good in life is cheap, free and easy to come by.

So I’ll take the lower paying jobs, and the long hours and the hard work, because I know it will pay off.


As of Now… I’m OK

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post.

Unfortunately, my computer was stolen and it put my blogging on a hiatus. I’m so sorry for those of you who actually read my blog.

Update on my life, I’m working a lot for a merchandising company,as a brand ambassador and doing some freelancing for live events on the side. I thought I was going to be going on tour, but it looks like another plan on mine fell through. However, I’m going to keep fighting and keep going because I have a goal to be on tour. Because all I have at this point is myself, my self worth and the people who believe in me.

I have a passion for my life and those who are involved. It may seem that people think I’m crazy because, well because I am.

And I’m OK with that.

All anyone needs to know, is I’m going to keep plugging along like I’ve always have.

As of now… I’m OK.

Balance of Life

There’s always highs and lows in everyone’s life.

And it’s not different when you work in music.

How I explain it to people, is there is no guarantee that I will job tomorrow. There’s no guarantee, that I will ever make it. There’s no guarantee whether or not anything I do is ever worth it.

Because entertainment is highly demanding and stressful, and everyone wants in.
But what they don’t realize is, it is not a glamorous life style at all. It’s not. The people that make it, are the ones that are passionate about what they do.

That’s why we do, what we do. We do it for the fans, for our souls, for the music. Sometimes it does get rough, it’s just a matter of whether how much you want it and how much you are willing to fight for it. Fight for what you want and for the music.

What goes up, must come down. It’s just a matter of balancing the ups and downs.

Find Your Own Voice

I recently went to go see Pitch Perfect 2. And it was awesome. But there was a part in the movie that I really related to.

Beca (Anna Kendrick) got an internship working at a record label. Long story short, her boss asks for one of her demos. She gives it to  him and it’s a mash up that she created. They are sitting in the break room and she asks him what he thought. I can’t remember word for word but he pretty much said, it’s not an original, you need to have a voice to make it in the industry.

And it struck me because I was at a writers round the other night, and all the artists were fantastic. But this one guy literally, sounded exactly like Hunter Hayes.

Then there’s me. A short, blonde chick from a suburb, trying to make a name for herself in this Music City.

It got me thinking, do we need to be extraordinarily different in order to make it? Do we need to go above and beyond to make sure, no one else is like us?

So how do we go about it? The guy at the writers round can’t change his voice. I can dye my hair a different color, but at the end of the day, I’m still me.

It’s a very daunting idea that there are so many of us in this city trying to go after the same thing. Because all the top executives and people see are just a bunch of kids. Literally trying to do the same thing.

My Point: I guess it is about digging deep down and finding who you are. Who you are defines your voice. If you have a strong, confident, powerful voice, maybe it will actually get you to where you want to go.

Kids These Days

I remember when I was kid, we didn’t have iTunes or Amazon.

Nope we had CDs and tapes.

And if you missed anything via TV show, you missed it, unless you recorded on your video tape player.

Way back when, when my mom was growing up, they didn’t have anything. Really, it was just the radio.

So this may come off a little preachy, but this post needs to be done.
I’m so sick and tired of my generation not wanting to work for things. Sure times have changed, technology has too, but for the love of god, give a little effort will ya?

I’m working so hard for my career, and people realize it. But I’ve gotten the response before, they don’t want to hire me because “of my generation”.

My Point:Do you honestly think you are going to be the next Kim Kardashian by sitting on your ass and eating Cheetos. Hell no. If you want to be the next Beyonce, you need to get up and do something about it.

“Would You Take The Time To Catch Me If I Fall”

A lot of people ask me about my background and why I’m in the music industry in the first place. Yes, I wanted this life and I worked really hard for it. But it also runs in my family.

My mom got a job out in New York working for a record label and my dad was well on his way to get a full ride at Juilliard.

Well both of their lives took a different turn, so did mine as well. When I was applying to colleges, I was dead set on becoming a doctor. I wanted to help people in a way that made them feel better. But my life took a different turn and I ended up changing my mind and dropped out of the college of sciences.

Sitting in class and wondering what the f*** I was going to do with my life became very daunting. I had so much on mind and trying to get my life together was a hot mess.

I tell everyone that I wish I would have went to college out of state, but what I’m very happy about my education is they always told me my minor should be my passion in life. And that’s how I ended up with a degree in public relations and music. I’m good at music and I understand music. But I also figured out I’m a pretty good writer.

My Point: I’m helping people in a different way, maybe they have no idea that I am, but I’m putting together experiences that people will never forget. And if life has taught me anything, experiences are priceless.

“I Wanna Go Home”

Working so much, it makes it extremely hard when I have down time. Because then it gives me time to let my mind wonder. It gives me time to reflect on my life. But mostly, it gives me time to think about my mom, dad and my dog. It’s amazing to me how some people can just pick up and go, when sometimes, they won’t go back home for months and months at a time.  And it’s like they never skipped a beat.

Since I’ve been in Nashville, this is the longest stretch of time since I’ve been able to go home. And now I’m getting extremely homesick. Especially when I talk to my mom.

As I sit and text my friends on how they get over being home sick, I try to remember  why I moved in the first place. How there’s more opportunity and growth that I can make in my career here versus being back home. How the weather is warmer and people are overall just more friendly here.

But I wonder if it will ever get easier? If I was really cut out for this life in the first place. Is it worth to be far away from my mom and dad and if the decisions I made were even worth it.

I’m hoping this is just the homesickness talking and it will pass. Until then, I’ll work hard every day just to get to where I need to be and where I want to be. So I can support my family just like how they have supported me.

“I Haven’t Slept A Wink”

I’m so tired, I have no idea sometimes what I am doing. I forget what day of the week it is, I forget to shower sometimes, there was one day I was so tired I forgot to eat.

Why you ask, I’m putting in about 60 to 70 hours per week. This past week I put in about 80 hours. I’m pretty exhausted, but I think it’s getting me somewhere.

So, what have I been doing?

I was a PA for my friend Kyle Olson for a new reality show he’s working on. I don’t know much about TV, but it was a  good experience for me. Just working on set and understanding how the TV world  works puts me one step up. Thanks Kyle for the experience!

My recent PA gig was for the NAA conference with music performances in between. This gig was more of a business setting, but it was really good experience. I got more hands on experience with stage/sound/lighting concepts.

My Point: I’m working really hard in getting my career going, so much I’m almost pushing myself too hard. But I’m doing it to give my family and myself a better life. A life that I can enjoy the things I want to and give happiness to those in my life.

Music Makes My Heart Tick

I’m so sorry for not keeping up with my blog, I was truly busy working Summerfest for the past two weeks. But now, I have time to write. And let me just say I’m so excited to write this blog!

For those of you who don’t know, Summerfest is the world’s largest music festival. It runs 11 days with music playing from 12pm-12am ( there is a day break in between). Besides the point, bands from all over the world come to play at Summerfest from Europe to Australia.  Summerfest gives the Milwaukee community a good chance to listen to a variety of music  to see bands such as headlining bands you hear on the radio and emerging artists that are trying to make it into this industry. Let me just say, not many other music festival do that! So cool! I love anything that gives the underdogs a chance!

Before I worked at Summerfest, I was a die heart Summerfest goer. I went about 5-7 times a run. How can you not, with so many good bands coming to Milwaukee for 2 weeks … Milwaukee… Not many bands tour in Milwaukee anymore. So for over 100 bands to come and play in Milwaukee, you know I’m going, and you know I’m going to have a fun, amazing time.

Now, that being said. I loved working Summerfest as well. It gave me a different perspective of concerts, bands the whole schabang. And I can honestly say, I appreciate the hard work that goes into putting this festival together. It takes a lot of people and of dedication  to create something some many people come to year after year.

I like to think I know a lot about music. I studied it in school, I’ve played piano my whole life, I surround myself with music everyday. That being said, I’m retracting my last statement, because I don’t know that much about music. It’s one thing to understand music theory and to play instrument, but to actually understand what goes behind the scenes , you have so many people that do some many things and much more that goes into creating something people want to listen to. They say in music 95%  of your time is practice and 5% is performance, it’s the same exact thing behind the scenes. And I’m lucky if I understand 5% of it.

Because I don’t know everything about music, I loved going to work everyday to learn something, meeting new people and to engage in something I’m truly passionate for. And here is my thank you to everyone who I worked with at Summerfest. You made me realize that this is something I want to do for the rest of my life, and you if it weren’t for you and my experience, I don’t know what I would do with my life. I want to thank everyone for being my teachers, my mentors and my friends. You gave me a life changing experience that is comparable to my experience in Australia. Basically, pretty amazing.

Here is my big who-ra. Words can’t explain what Summerfest gave me, what the people gave me , what music gave me. I’m so grateful and so humbled by my experience because most people aren’t lucky enough to experience what I had. I’m so honored because I found what makes my heart tick, music makes my heart tick, it makes me want to get up in the morning and do something with my life. It makes me want to do something, share something, learn something and to be a generally good person. Summerfest helped me realize that life without a tick isn’t worth living, and I’m ready to live.