The End of 2021

Well, it is almost the end of 2021, we made it somehow. I know a lot of people went back out on tour. But there are still a lot of venues being extra cautious of covid-19. What the future will hold who knows. We also have other bigger fish to fry including Astroworld.

Without a doubt, I truly felt that the situation could have been handled better at Astroworld. No lives should ever be lost during a concert. Concerts are suppose to be happy and joyous times. It’s one of the main reasons why I do my job after ten years. I’m lost for words for the devastating events.

With that being said, I hope 2022 is better for everyone. For me personally, while I’m very happy work picked back up. I’m still worried about covid-19, shootings, and large gatherings that can suffocate people. It is my responsibility and duty as someone in industry to look after the concert goers.

“California Stars”

And I’m back in Milwaukee! Again! I feel like I’m here every two months ago.

Any who…

I’m happy to be at Summerfest again! This is my 6th year in production and this is also the 50th anniversary of the Milwaukee World Festival!

We have a great lineup from country to hip-hop to rock to pop. Just to name drop a few:

Dan + Shay, Girl Talk, Tegan&Sara, DNCE, Atmosphere, Frankie Ballard, Peter Frampton, Michelle Branch… there are 11 ground stages so there’s much more where that came from! For more information check out the website:

I think it’s a great line up and I think if you are in the 414 area code, you should definitely come along!

With that being said…

I love going to shows when I’m not working. Thanks to the radio station I used to work for, they hooked me up with tickets to go see Wilco.

Wilco had an amazing light show and a very dramatic backdrop. There were points during the show where all they did was jam. It was amazing! I highly recommend seeing them if you like a good rock show!

Take The Risk

So I technically worked my first food festival. I have to say, I like the food a lot, I like the people I worked with a lot,  so I enjoyed the festival a lot. It was a first year festival in Nashville. Yes, we should make improvements and we will. But for a first-year festival, I say it was a great success.

I’m a strong believer in people who want to be their own boss. People who want to do something different and unique with their lives. People who want to create a positive influence on society. So don’t hate on their dreams or anyone’s dreams for that matter. It takes time.

I strongly believe what these guys believed in this past weekend. Nashville Taco Fest will become something. Maybe not next year or the following year, but if there is enough love and hope to go around, things will certainly go a long way. It’s just a matter of taking the first risk of saying, “Yes, I want to do this!”

Hell, if Miley can take a risk from teeny bopper to pop star… I think you can too.