“Two Sad Sparks Blinking in the Sun” Wild Cub

I once told a guy that 90% of music is based around break ups and liking someone. Pretty much,music is based around this emotion of love. And I’m the first person to admit, I don’t like  that I love things or people for that matter. But when I write music or when I talk about anything that I care about, it’s all about love. I guess it’s just human nature for us to feel that way. Whether it’s just living life or listening to music.

Anyways, that was my rant for this blog. I’ve been trying to see this band Wild Cub forever. I missed them in Milwaukee, I missed them in Chicago and I finally saw them at SXSW. And let me tell you, they didn’t disappoint. They are amazing. These guys are from Nashville, and you can tell they have that music soul in them that lives in Nashville. And it doesn’t hurt that they are freakishly talented and are really cute. I think they are one of the up coming bands. Just you watch.

“Thunder Clatter”is all about love, take for example:

“Sad hopes I’d hidden under
Tangled inside of me
You spoke like broken thunder
Deep  into the center of me.”

It’s a great song, it’s about love, and I love it. Take a listen.

Austin: City of Live Music

I love Nashville, I always have. My senior year of college, I went there on my spring break to hand out my resume… yeah I was a little over ambitious.

Since Nashville, I’ve always kept that thought in my mind of wanting to move down south . Where it is warm and has good music. But my mind set has changed since I went to Austin. Austin is such a cool city when it comes to music. However, I was pretty disappointed by 6th street ( but I did go during the middle of the week). But you would think for a major city, 6th  street would always be happening right?

Regardless of 6th street, Austin has so much to offer when it comes to  the venues and the culture of the city . Most of the cities’ venues are these little run down places ,but they truly have a lot to offer. The best part about it is, the audience loves the music. So everyone is so into it. I love it.

And of course, ACL ( Austin City Limits) is one of the coolest venues I’ve ever seen. If you ever get the chance, go to Austin .